16"-17" American Road Simulators

American Road Series

16"-17" G-Series Simulators


16" Open Center Simulator

Open Center

16" –17" Features

16" Ford F-150

Simulators For Ford, Chevy & Dodge Wheels
(open center available for manual lockouts)

16" Ford E-450

G-Series For GMC & Ford E-450 (shown)

Stainless Steel Simulators offer a front profile and deep rear inset that simulates the look of aluminum wheels.

  • For standard hub piloted and stud piloted wheels.
  • High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will not rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow.
  • Trailer Simulators – Match your trailer wheels to your truck wheels with RealWheels simulators.

pop-in center
Pop-In Centers for easy oil cap viewing.

Made in the USA | Lifetime Guarantee


RealWheels has over 30 years’ experience developing mounting systems for wheel simulators. Our innovative designs have been awarded numerous patents.

  • The hook mount systems do not require excess stud.
  • These systems do not disturb the torque of the lug nuts.

Front Hook Mount

Front & Rear Hook Mount

16″-17″ Stainless Steel Simulator Kits

American Road Style

Model NumberWheel SizeHand HolesWheel Part NumbersFitsExtension Kit?
RW1600-215AK16″x6″429315 / 29577
RW1600-215AXK16″x6″429315 / 29577Yes
RW1600-216AK16″x6″429316 / 29578
RW1600-216AXK16″x6″429316 / 29578Yes
RW1600-223AK16″x6″429223 / 29583
RW1600-223AK416″x6″429223 / 295834WD
RW1600-223AXK16″x6″429223 / 29583Yes
RW1600-223AXK416″x6″429223 / 295834WDYes
RW1600-234AK16″x6″429334 / 29587
RW1600-234AK416″x6″429334 / 295874WD
RW1600-234AXK16″x6″429334 / 29587Yes
RW1600-234AXK416″x6″429334 / 295874WDYes
RW1600-261AK16″x6″429361 / 29588
RW1600-261AK416″x6″429361 / 295884WD
RW1600-261AXK16″x6″429361 / 29588Yes
RW1600-261AXK416″x6″429361 / 295884WDYes
RW1600-298AK16″x6″829398 / 29579
RW1600-298AK416″x6″829398 / 295794WD
RW1600-298AXK16″x6″829398 / 29579Yes
RW1600-298AXK416″x6″829398 / 295794WDYes
RW1605-3JAK16″x6″55 Lug
RW1610-271AK16″x6″428671 / 29581
RW1610-271AK416″x6″428671 / 295814WD
RW1610-271AXK16″x6″428671 / 29581Yes
RW1610-271AXK416″x6″428671 / 295814WDYes
RW1701-AOK17″ x6.5″829837 / 50275Ford F350
RW1701-AOK417″ x6.5″829837 / 50275Ford F350 4WD
RW1701-AOXK17″ x6.5″829837 / 50275Ford F350Yes
RW1701-AOXK417″ x6.5″829837 / 50275Ford F350 4WDYes


Model NumberWheel SizeHand HolesWheel Part NumbersFitsExtension Kit?
RW1600-26GOK16″ x6.5″429588GMC 4500
RW1600-26GOXK16″ x6.5″429588GMC 4500Yes
RW1600-27GOK16″x6″STL3872Ford E450
RW1600-27GOXK16″x6″STL3872Ford E450Yes

16″ Dodge Sprinter Simulators (American Road style)

Model NumberWheel SizeFitsExtension Kits
RW1601-3ABK16″x6″’04-’06 2500 (single wheels)(no ext.)
RW1603-SAK16″x6″’07-current 2500 (single wheels)(no ext.)
RW1600-2SAK16″x6″’04-’06 3500(no ext.)
RW1600-2SAXK16″x6″’04-’06 3500RW1258-3
RW1602-3SAK16″x6″’07-’11 3500(no ext.)
RW1602-3SAXK16″x6″’07-’11 3500RW1258-3
RW1602-12SAK16″x6″’07-’11 3500(no ext.)
RW1602-12SAXK16″x6″’07-’11 3500RW1258-3
RW1602-18SAK16″x6″’12-current 3500(no ext.)
RW1602-18SAXK16″x6″’12-current 3500RW1258-3

Ford Transit Simulators (2014-current, American Road style)

Model NumberWheel SizeFitsExtension Kits
RW1604-TAK16″x6″Single Wheels(no ext.)
RW1606-12TAK16″x6″Dual Wheels(no ext.)
RW1606-12TAXK16″x6″Dual WheelsRW1258-3

Ford E450 Stainless Steel Simulator Kits

Model NumberWheel SizeFitsExtension Kits
RW1600-27GSBK416″x6″E450 4×4
RW1600-27GSBXK416″x6″E450 4×4Yes

Ford F350 Stainless Steel Simulator Kits

Model NumberWheel SizeFitsStyleExtension Kits
RW1701-AOK17″x6.5″F350 (2005-current)American Road
RW1701-AOK417″x6.5″F350 4×4 (2005-current)American Road
RW1701-AOXK17″x6.5″F350 (2005-current)American RoadYes
RW1701-AOXK417″x6.5″F350 4×4 (2005-current)American RoadYes
RW1701-GOK17″x6.5″F350 (2005-current)G-Series
RW1701-GOK417″x6.5″F350 4×4 (2005-current)G-Series
RW1701-GOXK17″x6.5″F350 (2005-current)G-SeriesYes
RW1701-GOXK417″x6.5″F350 4×4 (2005-current)G-SeriesYes