16"-17" American Road Simulators

American Road Series

16"-17" G-Series Simulators


16" Open Center Simulator

Open Center

16" –17" Features

16" Ford F-150

Simulators For Ford, Chevy & Dodge Wheels
(open center available for manual lockouts)

16" Ford E-450

G-Series For GMC & Ford E-450 (shown)

Stainless Steel Simulators offer a front profile and deep rear inset that simulates the look of aluminum wheels.

  • For standard hub piloted and stud piloted wheels.
  • High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will not rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow.
  • Trailer Simulators – Match your trailer wheels to your truck wheels with RealWheels simulators.

pop-in center
Pop-In Centers for easy oil cap viewing.

Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee, Mirror Shine Finish


RealWheels has over 30 years’ experience developing mounting systems for wheel simulators. Our innovative designs have been awarded numerous patents.

  • The hook mount systems do not require excess stud.
  • These systems do not disturb the torque of the lug nuts.

Front Hook Mount

Front & Rear Hook Mount

16″-17″ Stainless Steel Simulator Kits

American Road Style

Model NumberWheel SizeHand HolesWheel Part NumbersFitsExtension Kit?
RW1600-215AK16″x6″429315 / 29577
RW1600-215AXK16″x6″429315 / 29577Yes
RW1600-216AK16″x6″429316 / 29578
RW1600-216AXK16″x6″429316 / 29578Yes
RW1600-223AK16″x6″429223 / 29583
RW1600-223AK416″x6″429223 / 295834WD
RW1600-223AXK16″x6″429223 / 29583Yes
RW1600-223AXK416″x6″429223 / 295834WDYes
RW1600-234AK16″x6″429334 / 29587
RW1600-234AK416″x6″429334 / 295874WD
RW1600-234AXK16″x6″429334 / 29587Yes
RW1600-234AXK416″x6″429334 / 295874WDYes
RW1600-261AK16″x6″429361 / 29588
RW1600-261AK416″x6″429361 / 295884WD
RW1600-261AXK16″x6″429361 / 29588Yes
RW1600-261AXK416″x6″429361 / 295884WDYes
RW1600-298AK16″x6″829398 / 29579
RW1600-298AK416″x6″829398 / 295794WD
RW1600-298AXK16″x6″829398 / 29579Yes
RW1600-298AXK416″x6″829398 / 295794WDYes
RW1605-3JAK16″x6″55 Lug
RW1610-271AK16″x6″428671 / 29581
RW1610-271AK416″x6″428671 / 295814WD
RW1610-271AXK16″x6″428671 / 29581Yes
RW1610-271AXK416″x6″428671 / 295814WDYes
RW1701-AOK17″ x6.5″829837 / 50275Ford F350
RW1701-AOK417″ x6.5″829837 / 50275Ford F350 4WD
RW1701-AOXK17″ x6.5″829837 / 50275Ford F350Yes
RW1701-AOXK417″ x6.5″829837 / 50275Ford F350 4WDYes


Model NumberWheel SizeHand HolesWheel Part NumbersFitsExtension Kit?
RW1600-26GOK16″ x6.5″429588GMC 4500
RW1600-26GOXK16″ x6.5″429588GMC 4500Yes
RW1600-27GOK16″x6″STL3872Ford E450
RW1600-27GOXK16″x6″STL3872Ford E450Yes

16″ Dodge Sprinter Simulators (American Road style)

Model NumberWheel SizeFitsExtension Kits
RW1601-3ABK16″x6″’04-’06 2500 (single wheels)(no ext.)
RW1603-SAK16″x6″’07-current 2500 (single wheels)(no ext.)
RW1600-2SAK16″x6″’04-’06 3500(no ext.)
RW1600-2SAXK16″x6″’04-’06 3500RW1258-3
RW1602-3SAK16″x6″’07-’11 3500(no ext.)
RW1602-3SAXK16″x6″’07-’11 3500RW1258-3
RW1602-12SAK16″x6″’07-’11 3500(no ext.)
RW1602-12SAXK16″x6″’07-’11 3500RW1258-3
RW1602-18SAK16″x6″’12-current 3500(no ext.)
RW1602-18SAXK16″x6″’12-current 3500RW1258-3

Ford Transit Simulators (2014-current, American Road style)

Model NumberWheel SizeFitsExtension Kits
RW1604-TAK16″x6″Single Wheels(no ext.)
RW1606-12TAK16″x6″Dual Wheels(no ext.)
RW1606-12TAXK16″x6″Dual WheelsRW1258-3

Ford E450 Stainless Steel Simulator Kits

Model NumberWheel SizeFitsExtension Kits
RW1600-27GSBK416″x6″E450 4×4
RW1600-27GSBXK416″x6″E450 4×4Yes

Ford F350 Stainless Steel Simulator Kits

Model NumberWheel SizeFitsStyleExtension Kits
RW1701-AOK17″x6.5″F350 (2005-current)American Road
RW1701-AOK417″x6.5″F350 4×4 (2005-current)American Road
RW1701-AOXK17″x6.5″F350 (2005-current)American RoadYes
RW1701-AOXK417″x6.5″F350 4×4 (2005-current)American RoadYes
RW1701-GOK17″x6.5″F350 (2005-current)G-Series
RW1701-GOK417″x6.5″F350 4×4 (2005-current)G-Series
RW1701-GOXK17″x6.5″F350 (2005-current)G-SeriesYes
RW1701-GOXK417″x6.5″F350 4×4 (2005-current)G-SeriesYes