Metal Forming

Tube Bending  •  Metal Spinning  •  Welding  •  Roll Forming

RealWheels’ skilled craftsmen, working with state-of-the-art machinery, meet the tightest specifications and assuring your satisfaction.

Forming Parts

Tube Bending

With state-of-the-art machinery, we supply uniformly smooth bends.

Light Pylons and Hand Railings
Protective Guards

Roll Forming

OEMs look to RealWheels to economically roll form mid to high volumes of close tolerance parts with a broad range of geometries.

Fenderettes Installed


Our skilled welders have years of experience in a variety of materials and processes.
All welding fixtures and jigs are designed and built in-house, which greatly improves efficiency.

Stainless Steel Observation Deck
Hand Rail Pivot Covers and Interior Edge Covers

Metal Spinning

RealWheels’ core business started with metal spinning. We carry that tradition into every part we spin. The metal takes shape over custom forms under the careful craftsmanship of skilled hands.

Cover-Up Hub Cover
Aero Cover
Front Sprinter Simulator
Rear Simulator