Import Vehicles with Cover-up Hub Covers

Introducing the Easiest Axle Covers to Install on your Hino, Fuso or Isuzu.

Cover-Up Hub Cover Features

Cover-up Hub Covers For Imports

Great Looks—Easy Installation!

  • Highest-quality, non-magnetic, heavy-gauge stainless steel — will not rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow.
  • Polished and buffed to a mirror-shine finish.
  • Easy Turn & Lock installation.
  • Made in America.
  • All available with a durable black powder-coated finish—Stealth Series

Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee, Mirror Shine Finish


Installation is simple with our new Patent Pending Turn & Lock Mounting System which is D.O.T. user-friendly.

  • No special tools required.
  • No lug nuts to remove.
  • Simply Turn & Lock!
Turn & Lock Bracket Install

Place the larger openings of bracket base over the lug nuts. Then rotate the bracket counter-clockwise.

Turn & Lock Bracket Install

Insert bracket locking tabs into the cavity of the bracket base. Thread nut onto the threaded bolt.

Turn & Lock Bracket Install Cover-up Hub Cover

Align holes in the Cover-Up Hub Cover with the holes in the bracket and secure.

Turn & Lock Bracket Install Cover-up Hub Cover

Finished. It’s quick and simple.

Model Numbers

Import 16″/17.5″/19.5″ Stainless Steel Cover-Up Hub Covers

Covers Lugs Bracket Model Number
Front/Rear Kit 6-Lug Ball Seat Turn Lock (RW6022FK/RW6023RK) RW1085K
Front Kit 6-Lug Ball Seat Turn Lock (RW6022FK) RW1083-22FK
Rear Kit 6-Lug Ball Seat Turn Lock (RW6023RK) RW1084-23RK