A heavy-duty flagpole and mount that was designed for use on commercial vehicles such as fire trucks and tow trucks

Vehicle Flag Pole System Options

 The “Liberty” Vehicle Flag Pole System

“Liberty” Kit
With American Flag: RW521-1 Without Flag: RW522-1

The “Liberty” Vehicle Flag Pole System on Fire Truck

Vehicle Flag Pole System Features

The “Liberty” Vehicle Flag Pole System on Fire Truck

Finally… A quality vehicle flag pole system has been developed and tested to exceed the demands required for vehicle placement.

  • Tested to exceed periods of 80mph plus conditions.
  • Easily adjusts up or down to accommodate flags from 2’ to 4’ high.
  • A 360° rotation system keeps your flag from ever wrapping the pole.

Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee, Mirror Shine Finish

The “Liberty” Vehicle Flag Pole System on Tow Truck

The “Liberty” Kit Includes:

  • Heavy duty universal mounting socket receiver and mounting back plate.
  • Completely assembled 6’ pole with fittings.
  • 360° rotation system.
  • Two load rated spring snaps.
  • One heavy-duty double sewn polyester 3’ x 5’ American Flag. (Kit can be purchased without flag.)

grab handle

Designed to accommodate grab handle mounting with optional worm gear brackets.

360° rotation system keeps flag flying. Collar with set screw accommodates any size flag.

"Liberty" Vehicle Flag Pole System 360 Rotation