The “Liberty” Vehicle Flag Pole System

“Liberty” Kit
With American Flag: RW521-1 Without Flag: RW522-1

The “Liberty” Vehicle Flag Pole System on Fire Truck

Vehicle Flag Pole System Features

The “Liberty” Vehicle Flag Pole System on Fire Truck

Finally… A quality vehicle flag pole system has been developed and tested to exceed the demands required for vehicle placement.

  • Tested to exceed periods of 80mph plus conditions.
  • Easily adjusts up or down to accommodate flags from 2’ to 4’ high.
  • A 360° rotation system keeps your flag from ever wrapping the pole.

Made in the USA | Lifetime Guarantee

The “Liberty” Vehicle Flag Pole System on Tow Truck

The “Liberty” Kit Includes:

  • Heavy duty universal mounting socket receiver and mounting back plate.
  • Completely assembled 6’ pole with fittings.
  • 360° rotation system.
  • Two load rated spring snaps.
  • One heavy-duty double sewn polyester 3’ x 5’ American Flag. (Kit can be purchased without flag.)

grab handle

Designed to accommodate grab handle mounting with optional worm gear brackets.

360° rotation system keeps flag flying. Collar with set screw accommodates any size flag.

"Liberty" Vehicle Flag Pole System 360 Rotation