American Road 24.5"

American Road Series
Front: RW1173-24AK Rear: RWWLH2003-AXK

24.5" Classic Series

Classic Series
Front: RW1173-24CK Rear: RWWLH2003-CXK

22.5 – 24.5 Features

24" simulators on truck

Stainless Steel Simulators offer a front profile and deep rear inset that simulates the look of aluminum wheels.

  • Fits 20 / 22.5 x 7.50 / 8.25 / 9.00 and 22 / 24.5 x 8.25 wheels.
  • For standard hub piloted and stud piloted wheels.
  • Rear simulators fit wide-base wheels.
  • High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will not rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow.
  • Trailer Simulators – Match your trailer wheels to your truck wheels with RealWheels simulators.

pop-in center
Pop-In Centers for easy oil cap viewing.

Made in the USA | Lifetime Guarantee


RealWheels has over 30 years’ experience developing mounting systems for wheel simulators. Our innovative designs have been awarded numerous patents.

  • Engineered to fit securely to steel disc or aluminum wheels with our patented over-the-lug mounting systems.
  • The hook mount systems do not require excess stud.
  • These systems do not disturb the torque of the lug nuts.

Front Hook Mount

Front Hook Mount

Wedge Lock Mount

Wedge Lock Mount