2012 to Current 3500 Sprinter-EZ 16” Dual Wheels with 18 Round Holes

2012 to Current 3500 Sprinter-EZ
16” Dual Wheels with 18 Round Holes

2007 & Up 2500 Sprinter-SL

2007 to Current 2500 Sprinter-SL
16” Single Wheels

Additional Sprinter Simulators

2007–2011 3500 Sprinter-CL

2007–2011 3500 Sprinter-CL
16” Dual Wheels

2007–2011 3500 Sprinter-EZ

2007–2011 3500 Sprinter-EZ
16” Dual Wheels

2004–2006 American Road

2004–2006 American Road
15” & 16” Dual Wheels

2004–2006 2500 Sprinter 16” Single Wheels

2004–2006 2500 Sprinter
16” Single Wheels

Sprinter Simulator Features

Sprinter with Dual Wheels


Sprinter simulator design is patterned with the same number of cutouts as the factory wheel and is approved by Daimler Commercial.

Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee, Mirror Shine Finish

  • We’ve designed our EZ line of wheel simulators so they are EZ to install, EZ to clean and EZ to maintain. Plus they are offered at a lower price, which makes them EZ to purchase.
  • Rear simulators have a new, extremely low center cap design that eliminates obstructions when servicing and creates the easiest wheel simulators to maintain and clean.
  • High quality, heavy-gauge stainless steel.
  • Patented mounting system — no lug nuts to remove.
  • Sprinter & custom emblems available.

Single Wheels

  • Cut-Out Patterns Match Factory Wheels for Improved Air Flow!
  • Integrated lug nut cover design prevents curbing damage, eliminates missing lug nut covers, and provides easy maintenance.

Sprinter Simulators (American Road style)

Model Number Wheel Size Fits Extension Kits
RW1500-2SAK14 15″x6″ 2003-earlier (no ext.)
RW1500-2SAXK14 15″x6″ 2003-earlier RW1258-3
RW1601-3ABK 16″x6″ ’04-’06 2500 (single wheels) (no ext.)
RW1603-SAK 16″x6″ ’07-current 2500 (single wheels) (no ext.)
RW1600-2SAK 16″x6″ ’04-’06 3500 (no ext.)
RW1600-2SAXK 16″x6″ ’04-’06 3500 RW1258-3
RW1602-3SAK 16″x6″ ’07-’11 3500 (no ext.)
RW1602-3SAXK 16″x6″ ’07-’11 3500 RW1258-3
RW1602-12SAK 16″x6″ ’07-’11 3500 (no ext.)
RW1602-12SAXK 16″x6″ ’07-’11 3500 RW1258-3
RW1602-18SAK 16″x6″ ’12-current 3500 (no ext.)
RW1602-18SAXK 16″x6″ ’12-current 3500 RW1258-3