Off-the-Road Vehicles

OTR LED AirGuard Set & Go

Made to Fit Off-The-Road (OTR)
Construction & AG Vehicles

OTR LED AirGuard Set & Go
4-Pack: RW-PPK-0502 6-Pack: RW-PPK-0503

OTR LED AirGuard Set & Go Features

Designed To Fit Super Large Bore Valve Size

OTR LED AirGuard Set & Go Installed

OTR LED AirGuard Larger Threading

The Set & Go can be used on any tire pressure between 10psi and 200psi.

The Easiest TPMS to Install, Calibrate and Recalibrate

  • Safety – Improper tire pressure has a detrimental effect on handling, braking and control.
  • Longer Tire Life – According to the D.O.T., 95% of all premature tire wear is caused by underinflation.
  • Self-calibrating – LED AirGuard Set & Go memorizes pressure when initially installed and can be easily recalibrated by simply removing and reinstalling.
  • Battery standby time is warranted for 2 years from the date stamped on the LED AirGuard. Batteries are non-replaceable.
  • Ultra-bright LED allows for visual checks of each tire, even in daylight!
  • Designed in the USA. Imported.

This active tire pressure monitoring system starts flashing RED if the tire pressure drops 5 to 10 psi.

Anti-theft Locking System Included

OTR AirGuard Anti-Theft Locking System