Gear-Nut Axle Covers feature an innovative mounting system that incorporates a unique anti-rotation design.

Gear-Nut Styles

Front Gear-Nut

Front Gear-Nut
RW1011-2GN (Cover Only)

Rear Gear-Nut

Rear Gear-Nut
RW1010-2GN (Cover Only)

Model numbers above for cover only – see below list of model numbers that include brackets and gear nut.
Gear-Nut tool sold separately.

Gear-Nut Features

Go Nuts!

*NOTE: Axle, hub and wheel information required when ordering.

This Geometrical Stainless Steel Axle Cover offers easy, secure installation.

Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee, Mirror Shine Finish

  • New universal mounting system provides quick, easy access and confident, secure reinstallation during vehicle service.
  • Gear-Nut Mounting Device is precision-machined, enhanced with a color logo and features our anti-rotation technology for additional secure mounting.

Gear-Nut Wrench Wrench Included for even easier servicing.

Model Numbers

Gear Nut Hub Covers

Model Number Description
RW1011-2GN Front Gear Nut Cover Only
RW1011-2GN-U Front Gear Nut Cover with Universal Front Bracket and Gear Nut
RW1010-2GN Rear Gear Nut Cover Only
RW1010-2GN-U Rear Gear Nut Cover with Universal Rear Bracket and Gear Nut
RW7719-2GN Taller Rear Gear Nut Cover Only
RW7719-2GN-U Taller Rear Gear Nut Cover with Universal Rear Bracket and Gear Nut

Gear Nut Tool and Mounting Brackets

Model Number Description
RW2GNT Gear Nut Mounting Tool
RW1240-2 Round Gear Nut
RW10942S Universal Front Bracket
RW10940U Universal Rear Bracket
RW10941U Universal Rear Bracket – For Taller Cover