RealWheels plus the Fire & EMS Industry – An All-American Winning Team

Demanding the Best

American firefighters demand the finest, most reliable equipment available with minimum maintenance. That’s why fire departments prefer RealWheels, the only American manufacturer of Wheels Simulators and Axle Covers.

Fire Fighters demand the finest equipment
RealWheels Custom Fire Truck Grilles

The Choice of Manufacturers

RealWheels produces the highest quality simulators, axle covers, fenderettes, steps, grilles and door handles available anywhere. We use only heavy-gauge 304L stainless steel, aluminum and high-impact plastics. In fact, our mirror-shine finish stainless steel is guaranteed for life.

Over 40 Years of Service

We are proud to work closely with the American firefighting industry, and together we extend our appreciation to all firefighters for the work they willingly do in all the communities of our country. Also we have proudly sponsored the Firefighter’s Combat Challenge since the very beginning.

Firefighter's Combat Challenge

Accessories Available For Purchase

Safety Lug Check

“Beauty & Safety” attaches to the lug nut covers, not just the lug nuts. The loose lug nut indicators allow for quick and easy visual inspection. Each lug nut cover is 33mm with a 2″ flange.

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Gear-Nut Stainless Steel Trim Kits

Built to last with heavy gauge 304L stainless steel—up to 91% heavier than the imports. Installation is quick, easy and secure with the Gear-Nut universal mounting system. Kits includes 2 Baby Moons, 2 or 4 Gear-Nut High Hats, and Lug Nut Covers.

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LED AirGuard Set & Go

The Easiest TPMS to Install, Set & Reset. This active tire pressure monitoring system starts flashing RED if the tire pressure drops 5 to 10 psi. Complies with the NFPA 1901 & 1917 Standards for Ambulances and Fire Trucks.

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