The last Baby Moon you’ll ever need to buy! — Built to last with heavy-gauge, 304L stainless steel.

Universal Front Styles


Universal Front Baby Moons
With Logo: RW6215U2 No Logo: RW6215U2 NEL

Front Baby Moon with Cut-Out

Universal Front Baby Moons with Cut-Out

Universal Front Features

Front Baby Moon with Lug Nuts

Baby Moon Close Up

A: Reinforcing bead adds extra strength and covers pilots.

B: Integrated locking tabs require no separate clips.

The Only American-Made Universal Front Axle Covers.

Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee, Mirror Shine Finish

  • Built to last with heavy gauge 304L stainless steel—up to 91% heavier than the imports.
  • Available with cutout for oil cap viewing.
  • Installation is quick, easy and secure!

Fits Them All!

Fits All Front Wheels with 4, 5 or 6 Pilots – Hub or Stud Piloted – Aluminum or Steel Wheels.

Fits Them All

Model Numbers

Universal Stainless Steel Front Baby Moons

Model NumberDescriptionCenterStyle
RW6211UShas 1″ Lip for Long LocatorsSolidwith Logo
RW6211USNELhas 1″ Lip for Long LocatorsSolidNO Logo
RW6221UShas 1″ Lip for Long LocatorsOpen Center
RW6214GMC/Chevy 19.5″ w/4 Even Locators 8 LugSolidwith Logo
RW6214NELGMC/Chevy 19.5″ w/4 Even Locators 8 LugSolidNO Logo
RW6215U2Fits 4, 5, 6 LocatorsSolidwith Logo
RW6215U2NELFits 4, 5, 6 LocatorsSolidNO Logo
RW6220U2Fits 4, 5, 6 LocatorsOpen Center
RW6217HFits Continuous Locator Hub Piloted LugsSolidwith Logo
RW6217HNELFits Continuous Locator Hub Piloted LugsSolidNO Logo
RW6217SFits Continuous Locator Stud Piloted LugsSolidwith Logo
RW6217SNELFits Continuous Locator Stud Piloted LugsSolidNO Logo
RW6218USFits 8/1.5″ Hub Piloted LugsSolidwith Logo
RW6218USNELFits 8/1.5″ Hub Piloted LugsSolidNO Logo
RW6218UCFits 8/1.5″ Hub Piloted LugsOpen Center
RW6219Fits Locators Flush to WheelSolidwith Logo
RW6219NELFits Locators Flush to WheelSolidNO Logo
* NEL = No Logo