VF Trucking
Corporation Testing

Twist & Lock Aero Cover and Eco Flaps

3.65% Increased MPG


  • 8 Weeks of Fuel Economy Performance Testing
  • Results based on 176,774 miles of data collected for the test and control trucks
  • Every week during the test period the test trucks equipped with the MPG Smart Pack outperformed the control trucks
  • Seven out of the eight weeks the test trucks averaged between 8.3 and 8.4 MPG, and the other week (first week) the test trucks averaged 8.7 MPG
  • For the test tractors, the fuel savings from the MPG Smart Pack worked out to an annualized rate of 970 gallons per truck


  • Test Trucks delivered 3.65% increased MPG than control trucks while testing
  • $2,600 annualized fuel savings per truck
    (Based on $2.75 per gallon for diesel under contract)
  • ROI on MPG Smart Pack: 2 months

MPG Smart Pack Test Trucks vs. Control Trucks

The two test trucks averaged 8.4 miles per gallon; the three control trucks averaged 8.104 MPG

Products in VF Test

Twist & Lock Aero Black with Window

Aerodynamic Cover with Window

Optimizes aerodynamics for fuel savings and minimizes maintenance. No need to remove wheel cover for visual wheel inspections.

Eco Flaps

Aerodynamic Splash Guards

Reduces drag at highway speeds to improve fuel economy and performance.


Dual Force Balancing

Delivers lower rolling resistance, longer tire wear and the smoothest ride.