RealWheels Launches a Line of Easy-on, Easy-off Aerodynamic Truck and Trailer Wheel Covers Featuring a New Twist & Lock Mounting System

Twist & Lock Aero Covers provide a 1% to 2% fuel savings, a variety of cover choices and ease of installation/removal with a patent-pending Twist & Lock mounting bracket.

Semi with Aero Covers
Aero Stainless with Window

GURNEE, IL (September 15, 2016) — RealWheels Corporation (RWC) has announced its new line of Twist & Lock Aero Covers, designed to streamline the installation and removal of the cover. To meet the needs of fleet maintenance staff as well as needs of the drivers, the patent-pending Twist & Lock mounting system features a large-diameter, spring-loaded top plate that provides quick and secure cover mounting. The engineering team at RealWheels has developed this bracket design to work on all trucks and trailers that have dual or wide-base wheels.

The first to offer aerodynamic wheel covers over 26 years ago, RealWheels continues to improve its stainless steel covers, now redesigned for the Twist & Lock Bracket. This next-generation cover also is available in a clear polycarbonate—another first in the market—and black ABS. ROI is estimated at less than six months. The addition of these materials gives drivers and fleets additional choices for appearance, function and pricing. In fact, the Aero Stainless with Window is the only cover on the market to combine a lightweight stainless cover with a high-impact, clear polycarbonate viewing window.

“With our clear polycarbonate cover or Aero Stainless with Window, drivers now have the ability to visually inspect the wheel components without removing the wheel cover. This is something no one has ever done,” explains RWC founder Jan Polka. “It really saves time and money.”

RealWheels’ smooth designs are engineered to reduce drag by closing off the deep well cavity of the wheel. Smartway J1321 testing showed a fuel cost savings of one to two percent, and real-world testing by fleets that are running RWC’s Aero Covers reported even greater fuel savings. “Every addition of aerodynamics on a truck and trailer adds up and saves fuel,” said Polka.

RealWheels Corporation has been designing and producing wheel covers, hub covers and other wheel accessories for commercial trucks and specialty vehicles for over 35 years. For more information on the Twist & Lock Aero Covers, visit

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