Twist & Lock Aero Plus Package

For even greater fuel savings, RealWheels has created the AeroPlus Twist & Lock Package, which combines our Aero Covers, Stainless Steel Air Valve Extensions and LED AirGuards at a reduced package price.

AeroPlus Features

Twist & Lock Aero Plus Package

Dual Wheel Truck Package Example (shown left)

  • (4) Aero Twist & Lock Black Covers
  • (10) Stainless Steel LED Set&Go AirGuards
  • (4) Air Valve Extensions

Save More Money!

AeroPlus Twist & Lock Package Savings Examples
Product Truck Only Truck & Trailer
Aero Covers 1% 2%
LED AirGuard* 1.5% 3%
AeroPlus Fuel Savings 2.5% 5%
Fuel Savings** $1,443 $2,817
Maintenance Savings*** $686 $1,372
Total Annual Savings $2,199 $4,189
Dual Wheel ROI 2 to 3 months
Wide Base Wheel ROI 1 to 2 months

*Tire Inflation Pressure—Every 10 psi of underinflation represents approximately 1% penalty in fuel economy. Estimates of 1.5% and 3% shown are for illustrative purposes and show an improvement in fuel economy by maintaining proper tire pressure versus driving on underinflated tires.

**Fuel Savings Example based on running 130,000 miles per year at 6.50mpg, consuming 20,000 gallons of fuel at $3/gal. When using AeroPlus, the minimum average is 6.66mpg, the maximum average is 6.82mpg.

***Maintenance Savings Example based on a labor rate of $40 per hour and 10 to 20 minutes per pressure check. Maintenance dollars saved would be $6.60 to $13.20 per air pressure check. Pressure is checked twice a week. If more than two pressure checks per week are required, this amount would also increase.