Real-Spray Breaker Spray Suppression Mudflap

For Safety & Performance

Real-Spray Breaker™ Features

Real-Spray Breaker Spray Suppression Mudflap

Real-Spray Breaker Mesh

5/8” plastic mesh traps water and debris.

Increased visibility on the road is critical to safety. That’s why Real-Spray Breaker™ Mudflaps are a logical addition to any truck.

  • Drastically reduces water spray
  • Suppresses 433% more water than most popular competitor
  • Reduces and helps contain dust and debris from the road—helps keep your truck clean
  • Increases visibility and safety for the driver and other drivers on the road
  • Lightweight and strong
  • One-piece construction
  • Easy to install

Real-Spray Breaker Anti-Clog Construction

Model Numbers

Real-Spray Breaker™ Mudflaps
RW2414SB 24” Wide x 14″ High
RW2014SB 20” Wide x 14″ High
RW1810SB 18” Wide x 10″ High