Stainless Steel Fenderettes are the perfect upgrade to protect and customize your Peterbilt or Kenworth truck.

Stainless Steel Fenderette Features

Kenworth Truck with Stock Front and Custom Body Fenderettes

We’ve built our reputation providing quality stainless fabrication and carry this expertise into every fenderette we manufacture.

  • Rolled from high quality 14 gauge 304 stainless steel, then polished and buffed to a mirror-shine finish.
  • Packages includes a pair (one-piece or two-piece) of Stainless Steel Fenderettes (driver side and curb side), all mounting hardware and complete installation instructions.
  • Fenderettes help protect the body of the vehicle from road debris that can kick up past the fenders of the vehicle.
  • Helps reduce overspray in rainy or snowy conditions.
  • For custom stainless steel fenderettes, contact us for a free estimate.

Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee, Mirror Shine Finish

Peterbilt Fenderettes

Stainless Steel Fenderettes are available for Peterbilt 567, 579 and 379/389 Trucks

Peterbilt Fenderettes Before and After

Peterbilt 579 with Fenderettes (Fender Flares)

Peterbilt 379/389

Peterbilt 389 with Fenderettes (Fender Flare)

Peterbilt 567

Peterbilt 567 with Fenderettes (Fender Flare)

Peterbilt 579

Peterbilt 579 with Fenderettes (Fender Flare)

Kenworth Fenderettes

Stainless Steel Fenderettes are available for Kenworth W900L, W990, T880S and T880 Trucks

Kenworth Fenderettes Before and After

Kenworth W900L with Fenderettes (Fender Flare)

Kenworth W990

Kenworth W990 with Fenderettes (Fender Flare)

Kenworth T880S

Kenworth T880S with Fenderettes (Fender Flare)

Kenworth T880

Kenworth T880 with Fenderettes (Fender Flare)

Secure Installation

Fenderette Install Illustration
Fenderette Install Illustration

Free Fenderette Display with Qualifying Order

Attention Dealers:
Fenderette Countertop Display—Free with qualifying order.

Fenderette Display

Model Numbers

Stainless Steel Fenderettes

Model Number Vehicle Style*
RW160-8899S Kenworth W990 / T880S (Set-Forward) 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fender)
RW160-900 Kenworth W900L 2-Piece Kit
RW160-880 Kenworth T880** (Standard Hood) 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fenders)**
RW160-567SF Peterbilt 567 (Set-Forward) 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fenders)
RW160-567SB Peterbilt 567 (Set-Back) 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fenders)
RW160-579 Peterbilt 579 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fenders)
RW160-389 Peterbilt 379/389 2-Piece Kit

* Each Kit includes a pair of fenderettes (one or two-piece each side) for the Driver Side and the Curb Side
** The Kenworth T880 also includes stainless steel trim pieces. These trim piece covers any factory holes that appear after the removal of the factory rubber fender flare.