Lock-Down Helmet Holder

Helps you comply with
the NFPA 1901 Guidelines.

Lock-Down Helmet Holder

Lock-Down Features

Lock-Down Helmet Holder - Made in USA

Designed to protect firefighters with a safe, secure and efficient way to store and access their helmets in the vehicle.

  • The small footprint of the Lock-Down Helmet Holder allows for versatile mounting in numerous cab locations.
  • The Lock-Down Helmet Holder features a stabilizer ring that fills the head recess of the helmet, thus eliminating any side-to-side motion.
  • Universal design—the quick-release can be mounted on either side of the helmet holder to accommodate your space.

The superior design and construction results in “easy-in” storage and “easy-out” access of the helmet.

Lock-Down Helmet Holder Storage    Lock-Down Helmet Holder Storage

Place the helmet’s front edge onto the lower support hook. Lower helmet is into the holder. Then push down on the Lock-Down Adjustable Ratchet

Lock-Down Helmet Holder Release

To remove the helmet, simply pull the Quick-Release Pull Tab