By covering both the hub and lug nuts, these low-profile axle covers give your truck a streamlined appearance.

Cover-Up Hub Cover Styles

22.5"-24.5" Smooth Face Cover-Up Hub Covers

22.5″–24.5″ Smooth Face
Front (Hub Piloted): RW1013-013HK Rear (Hub): RW1015-015HK
Front (Stud Piloted): RW1013-012SK Rear (Stud): RW1015-014SK

22.5"-24.5" Cover-Up Features

These low profile “Cover-Up” Hub Covers are the only system that covers the axle and the lug nuts and features the patented “Wedge Lock” bracket.

Made in USA, Lifetime Guarantee, Mirror Shine Finish

  • Covering the hub and lug nuts helps streamline your front wheels to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics.
  • Makes cleaning wheels easy — no lug nuts to wash around.
  • Made from high-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel—will not rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow.
Red Semi with Cover-up Hub Covers


RealWheels has over 30 years’ experience developing mounting systems for wheel simulators. Our innovative designs have been awarded numerous patents. Installation is quick, easy and secure!

Cover-Up Hub Cover Wedge Lock Mounting

“Wedge Lock” Bracket

Model Numbers

22.5″/24.5″ Stainless Steel Cover-Up Hub Covers

Piloted Wheel Type Covers Bracket Model Number
Hub Aluminum Front Kit Wedge Lock (RW013HFK) RW1013-013HFK
Hub Aluminum Rear Kit Wedge Lock (RW015HRK) RW1015-015HRK
Stud Aluminum Front Kit Wedge Lock (RW012SFK) RW1013-012SFK
Stud Aluminum Rear Kit Wedge Lock (RW014SRK) RW1015-014SRK