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Braided Air Valve Extensions
Custom valve extensions are made in various lengths to accommodate the requirements of any wheel cover or simulator. This makes checking air pressure a breeze. They’re easy to install and are made of braided stainless steel, the most rugged and trouble-free extension available.
Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure
Equalizing System
Crossfire Tire Pressure Equalizing and Monitoring System for dual tires, allows air to flow between the two tires, equalizing pressure. This helps reduce wear and tear on tires, and simplifies tire maintenance, saving you time and money. Fits all types of wheels.
  Braided Air Valve Extensions  
MODEL # Description
RW1258 SS Braided 15" Air Valve Extension Kit-for 1021/1023 Covers (A)  
  RW1258H SS Braided 15" Hooked Air Valve Extension
  RW1258S SS Braided 15" Straight Air Valve Extension (D)
RW1258-1 SS Braided 14" Air Valve Extension Kit-for UN2001/UN2401 Covers
RW1258-1H SS Braided 14" Hooked Air Valve Extension (C)
RW1258-1S SS Braided 14" Straight Air Valve Extension (B)
RW1258-2A SS Braided 15" Air Valve Extension Kit-for 1900 American Road Covers
RW1258-2C SS Braided 15" Air Valve Extension Kit-for 1900 Classic Covers
RW1258-3 SS Braided 14" Air Valve Extension Kit-for 1500/1600/1700
RW1258-4 SS Braided 14" Air Valve Extension Kit-for WLH2003/WLS2003 Covers
RW1259B SS Braided 5" Air Valve Extension (E)
RW1259S Solid 6" Air Valve Extension (I)
RW1260 Solid 3" Air Valve Extension (H)
RW1261 Double End Air Valve Cap (K)
  RW1262 Solid 2" Air Valve Extension (G)
  RW1263 SS 45° Air Valve Extension (F)
  Cross Fire Dual Tire Pressure
Equalizing System
MODEL # Description
RWPSI Equalizing System (Per Axle) Specify PSI/Hub or Stud Piloted  
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