Twist & Lock Aero Graphix

Twist & Lock Aero Covers

Aero Graphics
3D Aero Graphic Wheel Covers

Get all the benefits of Aerodynamic Wheel Covers and still have the look of a decked out wheel. Various designs available.

Aero Graphix Features

Aluminum Wheel Before & After with Aero Graphix
Steel Wheel Before & After with Aero Graphix

A revolutionary way to promote your corporate brand, logo, message and/or product. It can be printed with anything you can imagine!

  • Test Data Shows 1% to 2% Fuel Savings with Aero Covers!
  • No tools required to install and remove covers.

Made in the USA

Available For

  • All tractors and trailers
  • 22.5” and 24.5” wheels
  • 6×2 or 6×4 tractors
  • Dual aluminum and steel wheels
  • Wide base single wheels, including zero offset

Semi with Aero Graphix

These aren’t aluminum wheels—These are plain steel wheels with Aero Graphix Covers!

Easy Installation

Simply Twist and Lock

Simply Twist & Lock

The cover attaches to the bracket and completely floats —
it does not make contact with the lip of the rim or wheel in any way.

Easy Mounting

Easy Three Step Removal

1. Push Black Button 2. Push Down on Cover 3. Rotate Counter-clockwise