The only lug nut cover that provides safety, good looks, and a universal fit.

Lug Check Features

Lug Check Loose Lug Nut Indicator

Lug Nut Cover with Indicator
Black: RW5809I Yellow: RW5809IY

Lug Check Safe / Unsafe

Vibration and bolt fatigue are the leading causes of self-loosening wheel lug nuts and joint failure. Visual inspections by trained mechanics can detect a loosened wheel lug nut, however to an untrained eye, a loose wheel lug nut looks tight. Additionally, many truck, trailer, bus and RV owners dress up their wheels with lug nut covers, so using a Loose Lug Nut Indicator that only fits the bare lug nut is not an option. That’s why RealWheels has developed the LugCheck Loose Lug Nut Indicator. It’s the only cover that combines the safety of a visual Loose Lug Nut Indicator with the beauty of a chrome plated lug nut cover.

Introducing the first 32/33mm Universal Lug Nut Cover with optional Loose Lug Nut Indicator.

  • Universal Design—Fits both 32mm and 33mm lug nuts.
  • Lug nut cover is designed to accommodate our optional LugCheck Loose Lug Nut Cover Indicators—Allows for quick and easy visual inspection.
  • Optional logo and reflective inserts available.
  • High-quality, chrome plated ABS.
  • Designed in the USA. Imported.
Reflective Inserts

Personalized domed logos or reflective inserts for added safety are available.

Personalized Domed Logos

Optional Reflectors Dramatically Increase Visibility


Model Numbers

LugCheck™ Lug Nut Indicators
RW1270Lug Nut Indicator Only
RW1270YYellow Lug Nut Indicator Only
RW5809Chrome Plastic 32mm/33mm Lug Nut Cover Only
RW5809-RWLug Nut Cover with White Reflector
RW5809-RRLug Nut Cover with Red Reflector
RW5809-RYLug Nut Cover with Yellow Reflector
RW5809ILug Nut Cover with Black Indicator
RW5809I-RWLug Nut Cover with Black Indicator and White Reflector
RW5809I-RRLug Nut Cover with Black Indicator and Red Reflector
RW5809I-RYLug Nut Cover with Black Indicator and Yellow Reflector
RW5809IYLug Nut Cover with Yellow Indicator
RW5809IY-RWLug Nut Cover with Yellow Indicator and White Reflector
RW5809IY-RRLug Nut Cover with Yellow Indicator and Red Reflector
RW5809IY-RYLug Nut Cover with Yellow Indicator and Yellow Reflector
RW5809IK10 Pack – Lug Nut Cover with Indicator (RW5809I)