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Authorized Dealer

Become a RealWheels Accessories Dealer

This is a list of items you should gather before you begin the application process. Gathering this information ahead of time will greatly decrease the amount of time you spend filling out the application.

- Company Name
- Business Address (including City, State, and ZIP Code)
- Company Phone Number
- Primary Contact Name
- Primary Contact Title
- Primary Contact Email
- Type of business
- Type of account you wish to open (Net 30, COD/Prepay, Credit Card)
- 3 current vendors and the products you sell for them
- A list of what RealWheels products you are interested in selling
- Whether or not you intend to have stock on hand
- DBA/Trade Name
- Date your business started
- Billing Address
- Up to 2 shipping addresses (including City, State, and ZIP Code)
- Accounts Payable Contact Name
- Accounts Payable Contact Phone Number
- 3 Trade references with address information
- 1 Bank reference with contact and address information
- Name and contact information of the Owner
- Name and contact information of any employees approved to contact manufacturers regarding accounts payable and order releases

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