January 12, 2011

RealWheels Completes Testing for Aerodynamic Semi Wheel Covers

RealWheels Corporation has completed a series of tests to verify their aerodynamic wheel covers’ endurance and fuel savings for Class 8 trucks.

(Gurnee, IL) - After more than 20 years of manufacturing a variety of aerodynamic and stylish commercial truck and trailer wheel covers, RealWheels Corporation (RWC) continues to engineer and refine the product design. Testing has now been completed on the latest version of this disc-like wheel cover, which has evolved into an impressive series of Aero Covers.

Many fleet directors agree that the most effective ways to save fuel combine changes to both aerodynamics and driver behavior. Previously, RealWheels provided aerodynamically designed wheel covers to truck owners who primarily purchased them for appearance, but, during the past couple years, it’s been all about saving money. Real-world testing shows a fuel cost savings of 1.5% to 3% when Aero Covers are installed on both tractor and trailer. That amounts to a full return on investment in as little as four to six months.

“We’ve calculated that we’ve saved over $800 in diesel fuel since installing the Aero Covers. Plus they are well designed. We’ve chained the tires with the covers on. We have also had the tires and wheels replaced without removing the brackets,” stated owner-operators Judy and Ronnie Chosewood.

In addition to the real-world tests conducted by RWC to verify actual fuel economy, third party durability testing was also conducted at a certified A2LA testing laboratory. The test facility concluded that the current design endured excessive vibration and fatigue in excess of 1,000,000 miles.

RWC’s Aero covers are not only designed to satisfy aerodynamics and fuel saving needs of commercial truck fleets, they also meet the needs of the fleet’s maintenance staff as well as the drivers. RWC offers stainless steel braided air valve extensions so tire pressure can be checked and monitored without having to remove the wheel covers. These important innovations allow drivers and maintenance staff easy access, and greatly improve the time required to maintain proper tire inflation.

“Demand has grown significantly now that the industry has a better understanding of aerodynamics,” explains Jan Polka, President of RWC. “Streamlining the air-flow around the truck and especially the turbulent air caused by rotating wheels saves a substantial amount of fuel, and industry professionals are taking notice.”

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